Bloody Claw Mark T-Shirt

Werewolf Claw Marks Shirt

Announcing Claw Marks and I Heart Lycans at Spreadshirt!

Werewolf Bloody Claw Mark T-ShirtI don’t always design gory shirts, but when I do, they are far better than other lame gore and claw mark shirts. We’re talking precisely aligned bloody gashes possibly inflicted by a lycanthrope, but maybe the result of a some other giant monster attack, or even Bigfoot! Who knows? Play victim and wear your very own claw mark t-shirt. Perfect for a Halloween costume to get you into the party with minimal effort.

But wait, as they say, there’s more

I heart lycans t-shirt with claw marks on the backWerewolf lovers will enjoy the I Heart Lycans series with the slogan on the front and mondo Claw Marks on the reverse. Click through and check out this design combo at

I Heart Lycans Asphalt t-shirt with claw marksAvailable in a variety of cool colors that go great with the I Heart Lycans slogan and bloody gashes.

I Heart Lycans Coffee Mug with claw marks on opposite sideYou’ll even find I Heart Lycans Coffee Mugs also featuring the bloody gashes on the other side of the mug. Very cool way to put your love of werewolves out there for all to see. Just set it down right there on the desk. Yep!